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The pleasures of eating are not restricted to man…

In keeping with our maxim “only ingredients with value”, we do not include anything in our VALENS™ brand of pet foods food that does not directly benefit your pet’s nutrition. 

Our succulent recipes incorporate only lean high-quality nutrient-rich fresh meats from poultry sources such as Chicken, Turkey and Duck from across Canada, red meat sources such as Beef, Bison, Lamb and Wild Boar from Alberta, and fish sources such as Salmon, Dover Sole and Arrowtooth Flounder fresh from the Pacific Ocean – all sourced from our local and regional farms ingredients from a trusted network of farmers, ranchers and fishermen.  To these primary fresh meats we add cubes of pure, high quality, air-dried poultry, meat or fish depending on the product line.

For both dogs and cats, the VALENS™ product line follows various themes depending on the environment from which the various meat proteins are derived.  Each product is distinctive, having its own unique nutritional benefits, and all are characterized by the highest inclusion meats they contain:

  • FARMER Diets – include Chicken, Turkey, Duck
  • PASTURE Diets – include Beef, Bison, Lamb, Wild Boar
  • FISHER Diets – include Salmon, Dover Sole, Flounder, Pacific Cod, Herring and Sardines

These meat selections and inclusions are combined with preferred fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from the Okanagan and Fraser Valleys, and each distinct recipe is slow cooked at 90 degrees C to retain the food’s natural nutrition and natural flavours.

We are confident that the discerning processes we undergo at each stage of preparing your pet’s food – from the sourcing of select ingredients to its preparation by our highly trained chefs and mill operators – delivers a product that is superior to the rest.