Our Mission

Our Philosophy

At VALENS Pet Nutrition we are committed to creating and supplying only fresh, natural, wholesome, and nutritionally balanced grain-free recipes in healthy, innovative formulas to promote a long, active and healthy life.

We firmly believe that dogs and cats should be nourished in a manner consistent with their digestive capabilities, based on what their ancestors would have eaten in the wild.

We combine this belief with current facts and ongoing research established by advances in nutritional science that pets are meant to eat grain-free diets that are rich in meats combined with fresh fruits and vegetables to be as healthy as possible. 

Our Mission

Our maxim is “only ingredients with value”, which means that at every step of the process – from diet formulation, ingredients selection, to final preparation – everything we add to our recipes is assessed for its contribution in meeting your pet’s natural nutritional requirements.

We believe that our companion animal friends should be nutritionally nurtured as nature intended, and our VALENS™ brand of cat and dog foods that are grain- free, high fresh meat inclusion diets, fortified with cubes of air-dried natural red meats, poultry or fish, does just that in the provision of diets that reflects the ancestral dietary balance your pet requires.  

In part, our innovation exists in our use of high levels of fresh, deboned, never-frozen meats as the primary ingredients, which are fortified with 100% pure air-dried meat bites.  Our meat selections are combined with non-grain sources of carbohydrates and preferred fruits and vegetables, in balance with the necessary vitamins, minerals and super foods, to produce one of the most palatable, nutritionally balanced pet foods available today.

We are dedicated to being sustainable in a manner that supports the environment, the quality of our products, and the viability of our business and those that depend on us.

Our pledge is to deliver what every pet deserves and needs nutritionally in our VALENS™ brand to promote a long, active and healthy life.