Diet Formulation & Innovation

Diet Formulation

Dogs and Cats are carnivores that have a short digestive tract whose ancestors survived off eating a diet of animal meats, organs and fats as well as berries and botanicals. Knowing this we started with our recipe formulation philosophy “Scientifically Sound” which means they need to be fed in a manner consistent with their digestive capabilities, based on what their ancestors would have eaten in the wild; this includes that grain free diets rich in meat are absolutely necessary and essential to your pets health, and that the vast majority of a diet’s protein and fats must come from premium animal sources.

All of the VALENS™ meat ingredients are fresh de-boned red meats, poultry and fish fit for human consumption that are sourced through our trusted network of HACCP audited local and regional farmers who raise, produce or harvest the animals from the fertile plains of Western Canada as well as the Pacific Ocean. Our meats our delivered daily and are refrigerated throughout transportation to retain the highest nutrient value possible.

With this in mind the VALENS™ product line is based on: red meats (beef, bison, pork and lamb); poultry meats (chicken and turkey) that are CFIA approved and whole marine fish species (salmon and cod) that are DFO (Canadian Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans) approved and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. These are all meats that our pet’s ancestors have thrived on for ages.

Our recipes contain a blend of delicious whole fruits and vegetables from the Okanagan and Fraser Valleys as well as health-boosting botanicals that benefit a shiny coat, healthy joints, brain function and fresh breath. We also add special digestive enzymes to make the food readily absorbable for their short digestive tract and add precise amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for sustained health and growth.

Product Innovation

VALENS™ represents a new era in pet food. VALENS™ recipes are a mixture of fresh de-boned meat inclusion kibble, combined with pure meat cubes of lamb liver, chicken, or pacific cod called VITA CUBES.

The nutrition and palatability of our VALENS™ line of products with VITA CUBES results in an unsurpassed line of pet foods that provide rich nutritional flavours and aroma that your pet will love.

Most significantly what makes our VALENS™ VITA CUBE so special is that the gentle air-drying of the cubes locks in their nutrients and they are made with human grade fresh de-boned meats. In producing the VITA CUBE, because of the gentle process of air-drying the nutritional value of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics and balanced Omega 3-6 fats is retained which results in real functional health benefits such as a shiny coat, healthy joints, improved brain function and fresh breath.

The result is VALENS™ with VITA CUBE - foods that are as close as technically possible to fresh “RAW” diets – diets that retain and deliver 100% of the food’s natural nutrients, bioavailability and digestibility in a form our pets instinctively love.