How Our Food Is Made

How Our Food is Made

The process of preparing our VALENS™ recipes begins with the careful vetting and selection of ingredients.  They are prepared by a new state-of-the-art extrusion technology pet food production facility located in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  We utilize advanced North American extrusion equipment and technology to prepare the VALENS™ recipes for its superior bioavailability, palatability and performance.

VALENS™ recipes are steam cooked in small batches at exactly 90 degrees for maximum quality control and to retain all the satisfying flavours and nutrition your pet desires.  The preparation and cooking process is as follows:

  • The dry ingredients are weighed with precision load-cell technology and transferred pneumatically - an exceptionally clean, non-cross contamination process technology – and then ground into a soft powder. These ingredients are then transferred to the extrusion line conditioner where initial steam is introduced and the ingredients are kneaded into soft dough. Notably, it is at this stage and time where the fresh meats are slowly mixed into the dough. 
  • The dough then enters the extruder where thermal dynamic slow cooking takes place.  This is a timed process where the dough passes through the extruder and reaches the required and critical temperature to kill any bacteria (90 degrees Celsius, the EU standard minimum temperature).
  • After it is cooked in the extruder, the dough is pushed through the extruder and shaped into the appropriate size kibble. Then the kibble is transferred pneumatically to the air dryer where the food is gently dried. Moisture and temperature values are automatically controlled via in-process probes that take and record each batch’s critical moisture, moisture activity and temperature levels.
  • The kibble is then passed through an initial size-sorting sieve and transferred while slightly warm, to the liquid addition vessel where additional nutritional supplementation takes place. This is the point that the oils rich in Omega 3-6 and natural flavorings are added, resulting in a kibble that has received and are embedded with super food ingredients and palatinates unique to VALENS™ recipes.
  • The kibble then moves through a cooling chamber that brings it to ambient air temperature before it is placed in finished product bins until it is packaged.
  • It is at this final stage of product packaging where the VITA CUBE™ our pure cubed meat morsels are added to the kibble, resulting in the final recipes and formulations that make up the complete VALENS™ product line